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raduray 10-31-09 09:08 PM

Pearl Izumi Barrier Gloves?
Anyone have any feedback on Pearl Izumi Barrier gloves?
I'm looking to keep my hands warm in Central MA winter, but I still want dexterity to manipulate my Ultegra STI shifters.

vomit 11-10-09 11:05 AM

I don't know about the barrier but I use the gavia/softshell in chicago. Under ~20 or ~25 degrees I add a liner glove underneath and they stay reasonably warm down to around 10 degrees.

Not the Slowest 11-10-09 12:29 PM

I have several gloves and one pair are Pearl Lobster Claws which I use with my STI shifters. No problem once you rlearn that your fingers are paired off.

I would suggest a shell to cut the wind and some other glove or liner inside.
This will create a pocket of warmth and also avoid sweaty digits which of course makes you cold. You can find various ones in most camping/ski shops.

andrelam 11-11-09 11:24 AM

Pogies are your best friend. I've seen various models out there now that will work with brifters. What I love about my SideTrak brand pogies is that I don't have to wear heavy gloves anymore. No matter what I wore, my hands would either be cold, or they would get clammy in now time. Also controlling the shifters with thick gloves is far from idea. As a bonus, the pogies keep rain, snow, and road slop away from the shifters/brakes/brifters. No more frozen shifter or brake controls. The rear derailler my still freeze up on me, but that only happens when riding through snow that is at least an inch deep. For temps down into the low 40's to high 30's I can comfortably wear my summer gloves. For lower temps I wear a pair of cheap full fingered gloves. For temps into the single digits I'll add my PI cyclone gloves. The cyclone gloves I use in the early spring when the afternoon temps are high, but morning temps are above freezing. Once the morning temps get to round 32F the PI gloves are just not warm enough. That is when I put the pogies on. As a side bennefit, the pogies are killer in the cold rain. No more wet hands!

Happy riding,

RT 11-14-09 07:16 AM

I tried these on at REI yesterday, and damn were they comfortable. I'm just not sure I can justify the outlandish expense when there are so many other great, less expensive testimonials on this forum. If you do decide to go with the PI Lobsters, Google it, as REI is the most expensive. I saw them for as little as mid-$50.

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