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MadCat 03-05-02 06:27 AM

I had the most awesome winter ride this morning on the way home from work. Fifteen cms of fresh power came down over night. There wasn't much snow left under this fresh powder because of all the warm weather we'd been having. The temperature this morning was around -7c so nothing was melting yet either. In short, the conditions were perfect for a romp in the powder.
I hadn't had that much fun in the snow in two years or so. On normal days, I stick to the road but this morning, I was all over the big fields beside the main road. It's all hilly there to "protect" the suburbanites from all that noise their cars make. I was up and down on my road rims no less. I was covered in snow and so was the bike.
There's nothing really dangerous about riding in powder other than whatever might be under the snow, I guess. It's just like being a kid again makeing snow angels. The road beside me was gridlocked with all those sad frustrated commuters. I wanted to point and laugh.
Conditions like this are the reason I'm not in the least interested in traveling 4 hours to a decent mountain to ski anymore.
I'm tempted to go back out there now and tear up some more powder.

Steele-Bike 03-05-02 06:48 PM

Glad you had a great time. I went for a snow ride this weekend and had quite the adventure. The roads had been plowed, but were still covered in a thick layer of packed snow. It made for a great workout on my handling skills. :)

Freerider 04-09-02 11:24 AM

Sounds like you people have had a nice time winter riding. But theres only a a week or so left so enjoy yourselves.

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