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gholt 10-28-10 04:11 PM

Sidi or Lake MTB Winter Boot
I have on order, when they come in for the SIDI Demoniater winter boot. They are on back order till mid Nov. They also sell the Lake MX302 boots (They will be in the end of Nov), they would end up being about $30 cheaper. So, my question is is the SIDI or the Lake better for winter. I have heard good things about the lakes, but dones anyone know any comparision to the SIDI.

If I could get the boots for about $30 cheaper that the $240 where I am at, that would be nice. I've also considered canceling the order and getting them elsewhere, but I can't seem to find anyone who has the lake boots in stock. The SIDI may be in stock, but they are near $290. So, any help would be appreciated.

rufus 10-28-10 04:17 PM


scotch 10-30-10 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by rufus (Post 11697542)

i love my Lakes.

Hezz 10-30-10 07:57 PM

The general consenses is that SIDI's are good for cool but not cold weather. Unless they have changed their design.

ItsJustAHill 10-30-10 10:56 PM

My Lakes are good into the 30s with a single pair of socks, and I like the Boa lace setup. If your feet aren't on the narrow side, I'd be concerned about fit with the Sidis, as there is no Mega (wide) option on their winter models.

MileHighMark 10-30-10 11:02 PM

Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK has the Shimano MW80 boots for ~$150. I was going to purchase SIDI winter boots, but the reviews I read all said that these were superior.

1nterceptor 10-30-10 11:31 PM

I went to Campmor last year ready to buy the SIDI Hydro boots.
Right next to it on display was a Lake MXZ302, looking at both
shoes side by side; it's easy to see that the Lake had a lot more
insulation. I got the Lake and was glad I did, I commute 20 miles
almost daily. Sometimes at 10F. My boots kept my feet warm.

electrik 10-31-10 01:01 PM

Lots of people seem to be happy with their lakes, the sidi aren't as insulated i've heard.

gholt 11-01-10 08:30 AM

I think I will cancel the order for the SIDI and have them order the Lakes as soon as they are in stock. Does anyone know who has these in stock now, or should I wait till the end of the month for the $209?

yak 11-02-10 01:30 PM

Lakes FTW. They were 44% off last week at Performance, plus an extra 15% for one item. I grabbed a set for my son - $138 shipped.
I see that they're back to full price. Keep an eye out, they might go on sale again.

gholt 11-02-10 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by yak (Post 11720748)
Lakes FTW. They were 44% off last week at Performance, plus an extra 15% for one item. I grabbed a set for my son - $138 shipped.
I see that they're back to full price. Keep an eye out, they might go on sale again.

I wish I would have seen that. That clearly beats the $209.

JeffSG 11-05-10 11:52 AM

The Lake CX140 All Weather Road Shoe feels like you have a sock on but provides all the protection. I really like the lacing system too.

Ride safe,


nashcommguy 11-15-10 11:17 PM

I've got the Lake MX301. It's the road version. Love 'em. Had to get a size larger than my regular road shoes to accomodate my 2nd pair of socks(100% lambswool). Have worn them down to 9F and they were great. My commute is 40 mi rt.

Eclectus 11-16-10 07:12 AM

I see that a lot of reputable gear sellers aren't carrying Lakes. Like REI and Competitive Cyclist for example. Other sellers too, but these are top-notch "indicator" companies that know their gear. I think Lake has suffered from shoddy construction-complaint problems and failure to address them. Numerous customer-support complaints on the web. REI carried 302's for awhile, but dropped the brand. I'm not a Lake competitor. I'm just looking for a warm and durable winter-riding boot. I'll probably go with Sidis. I'd love to try Lakes, but I'm not interested in mid-winter breakdowns, and waiting 6 weeks for a repair, at which time, I don't need a winter boot anymore. If they get their design/mfring QC reputation down pat, I'd be happy to try them. Another Chicago company, SRAM came out with stuff for MTB then road bikes. "F**k this is reeally good." A lot of bike builders are putting SRAM on their bikes. If more reputable sellers were promoting Lake like they are pumping SRAM, I'd buy the shoes. But they are not. Maybe SRAM should design some durable winter boots.

For some expensive winter boots, I think a 3-year guarantee is in order. In winter, you're going to wear them 8 weeks, or 10, 12, maybe 15-18 weeks in Minnesota. Probably not every day. Good boots should last 3 winters

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