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2_i 11-21-10 11:32 PM

Outlast Clothing
Has anyone had an experience, either in the context of winter cycling or otherwise, with the Outlast clothing? Apparently granules of material that undergoes a phase transition near the body temperature are incorporated into the clothing. This makes the clothing temperature to hang around the body the temperature for longer times, just as outside temperature tends to hang around the freezing temperature of water. See:

Outlast vest

Outlast company

RoadGear motorcycle vests

My naive anticipation would be that the features of the vest would be effective only for a finite time in the cold. However, maybe the material effectively acts to spread the heat more evenly around the body, both with respect to time and surface.

Hezz 11-22-10 12:47 AM

Interesting technology. It wouldn't hurt to try the vest as an insulation layer if the price is reasonable. My guess is that the technology will have very little effect on earth. In space where heat transfer is slow the minute extra bit of heat retention would probably be helpful but I have a hunch it wouldn't make that much difference in the atmosphere.

I would stay away from the jackets until you find out how breathable they are. This is the big issue with cycling. Most things that are waterproof are not breathable enough.

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