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Hildebrandz 12-02-10 11:10 PM

Need help finding my pants......
Long time lurker, popping the cherry with this post (edit - guess I posted something awhile back, make this post #2).

Winter is rapidly approaching here in Iowa and I would like to keep commuting the 4 miles to work (PE Teacher). I started commuting last winter and would wear khaki shorts with leg warmers under snow pants when the temp was under ~35 degrees but would like to upgrade this time around. I would like to go the convertible route since sometimes the weather warms up to the 40s/50s on the way back home. I wear khaki shorts 350 days a year since I play all day with the students so I'd like something that isn't too tight like but allows me to wear shorts underneath. Also there aren't any showers or lockers rooms (elementary school) to change outfits - unless I change in the storage room:innocent:

I did a lot of searching and found 3 possible choices but didn't find to many reviews on how they did with colder weather. Wondering if anyone has some experiences with these 3 or if I'm missing some others. My wonderful wife has given me the green light to get a nice pair and count it as a Christmas present:thumb: so these 3 choices are in the acceptable price range.

Gore Bike Wear Countdown AS Pants -

Showers Pass Club Convertible Pants -

Unisex Patrol Wind Pants -

Interesting that the Showers Pass Pants have optional suspenders :wtf:-

OK - looking forward to your feedback.

tsl 12-03-10 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by Hildebrandz (Post 11878758)
Interesting that the Showers Pass Pants have optional suspenders :wtf:-

It's because those of us who ride road bikes are bent at the waist. Belts or cinch cords make bending uncomfortable--or rather, they make riding bent over for long any sort of distance uncomfortable. Suspenders allow bending without discomfort. That's why bib shorts, bib knickers and bib tights are popular with roadies, but not with MTBers.

My first winter I wore regular elastic-waisted tights. Never again. I love my bib tights.

Fizzaly 12-03-10 09:07 AM

Ive been doing kinda what you have been, when its raining or snowing i wear shorts under rain pants, if it drops below say like 10f or so ill put some leg warmers on, its been working for me. But those gore pants do look nice i myself wouldn't be able to justify the price(im cheap) but they look like they would work nicely. The third ones dont look like they would be the most ideal choice i dont think they are weather proof. Im not sure of the winters in iowa but if they're anything like the nieghboring states id say go with the gore or showers pass id say other than price they are pretty sim.

Blues Frog 12-04-10 06:53 PM

Guess I won't laugh here. I found my pants, military goretex with suspenders, at Sportsman'a Guide. They were German Army surplus and green. I would rather have a safety green but it matters not. The ones I see now are camo.They work for winter cold weather pants and for rain as well. There is a velcro tightener at the bottom hem of each leg. Cuts cold wind and keeps your pant leg out of the drive side. Blues Frog

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