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JeffC 12-08-10 01:26 PM

Anybody own the North Face Hot Toddy Moc?
This is certainly not a bike shoe. As with many of you, cold feet seem to be my bane. Last night I rode for almost 90 minutes on my commute home (20 minutes or so longer than usual because of the intense winds) with temps in the mid 20s and wind chills in the mid teens. Other than my feet, I was mostly fine. Otherwise I was wearing Adidas Samba shoes, a thin pair of merino wool liner socks, a thicker pair of wool socks, a chemical warmer under my foot and Descenter toe covers outside my shoes but my feet were still cold. It seems like the cold seems to come from the pedal up through the bottom of my shoe and does not impact the side or top of my feet.

I'm wondering if the North Face shoe might be good to wear instead on the one day a week or so I brave the ride to work. I could also wear them in general in winter. I don't want shoes or boots that are too heavy that I would probably never use other than for biking. So if anybody has any experience with these, please let me know.

JeffC 12-08-10 08:02 PM

I showed them to my wife and she quickly pronounced them "butt ugly" even for something I would mainly wear outside while biking.

Hezz 12-08-10 09:05 PM

In order to keep your feet warm when it's really cold you will probably need something that has substantial insulation around the ankle. I would go for some DH or freeride bicycle shoes a couple of sizes large. Something like this:

They are designed for downhill bike racing and for protecting your feet from hitting rocks and roots at high speed so they have some padding which should insulated the foot. Probably a more sticky rubber for gripping the pedal and a stiffer sole than tennis shoes for pedaling efficiency. Shoes that have a soft sole will be colder in winter unless the sole is really thick because they allow the pedal pressure to cut off the blood supply to the bottom of your foot. If you were planing on spending 100 bucks for something that you can wear off the bike I would go with something like this.

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