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ihatetherain 12-18-10 08:17 PM

pants help - the rain sucks
I need help, see, I hate the rain. I also happen to live in one of the worst cities in the Pacific Northwest, no the entire country!...:innocent:

I have a rain/wind proof cycling jacket and it works great.

But I really need pants...I wear jeans and it is not fun arriving to point B soaking wet.

I'm looking at tights/rain pants on REI/Universal/Performance and there is a lot of selection but hardly any user reviews...and tights/rain pants seem to be in the $60-150 range and would hate to buy a pair that didn't perform as advertised...or arrive at point B with a ton of heat and sweat.

looking to stay under the $75 range....but would be willing to go to $100 if they were truly amazing, durable and effective pants.

any advice???? I need to buy something by Monday because I can't take it anymore :lol: thank you all so much for reading

JAG410 12-18-10 08:26 PM

Start looking outside of the cycling realm when it comes to specialty clothing. You could probably find some great, name brand rain pants for under $40, like these:

Add a velcro leg band to keep the pant leg out of the chain and you're set.

DJConspicious 12-19-10 02:15 AM

I have a pair of Coleman ones I got at Walmart for 30.00. They fit over my pants and have a button attachment at the bottom so you can tighten it so it doesn't drag. It also has pockets on the inside. It's 100% waterproof and breathable. If you have a Walmart nearby, you can usually find it in the sporting goods with either the camping stuff or the fishing stuff.

MichaelW 12-19-10 06:06 AM

I find that cycling/multi-activity cut rain pants are better than generic hiking ones. They have a higher back, some reflective bits and velcro tabs to prevent flapping.
Mine are by Montane but I dont think this is a US brand. Im not too fussy about the material. Most Goretex-a-likes work the same, not was well as the real thing but good enough and cheaper.

wearyourtruth 12-19-10 06:46 AM

i have a pair of sierra designs rain pants (from rei). they worked great as walking/hiking rain pants, but once i started wearing them on the bike, they quickly wore through the crotch, leaving that area unprotected. i have a fear that other non-cycling rain pants might do the same thing?

scroca 12-19-10 06:50 AM

yeah, cheap rain pants like DJConspicious talks about. No need to spend a lot of $

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