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Cyclingmaniac 11-08-04 01:26 AM

Knickers: Recommendations?
If you want to call what we have in California a winter, it is here a little early. (Trust me, being from Michigan, I know what a winter can be and California doesn't have winters!) Regardless, I like a little protection from the cold on the knees. Can anyone recommend a good pair of knickers and where you can get them?


cyclezealot 11-08-04 02:58 AM

Cyclingmaniac...You from Michigan, I from Michigan..via Florida..
yeah, these winters are rough...Hate seeing frost on the orange crop couple times a winter...
I just bought a pair of knicker from Voler...Like not having to fight knee warmer falling down..Voler has comfortable shorts.
The VOler knicker are $10 OFF, if you act right now...Got VOler bib shorts for $59...I think...They have a web site...
Almost everyone here brags about Voler comfort. I agree.They come in all the colors of the rainbow.

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