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thomj513 11-09-04 01:56 PM

Riding in lite rain/showers.
Have this coming Thursday off of work; getting a new garage door installed and the chimney cleaned in the morning. I estimate that the work should be done by noon or 1:00pm. That leaves me with a good 2-3 hours to get some riding in. The local weather calls for showers sometime during the day. With my luck, it'll probably start just when I begin my ride and will most likely will continue during my ride until the end when it will naturally stop. Doesn't bother me that much since I've got some wet/damp weather gear, but it would probably drive my wife nuts for me to ride in the rain; she hates to go out of the house at the slightest hint of rain. Question is, what kind of wet/damp weather wear do you all use? Rain cape, jacket, leg/arm warmers, tights or ? You input is appreciated.

Diggy18 11-09-04 07:21 PM

Ooooh, it's getting cold. Cold and wet are nasty, especially for 3 hours. Depending on your temps I'd definitely be wearing a good waterproof jacket, pants, and booties.

pointlessone 11-10-04 09:02 AM

i reckon it all depends on how cold it is/you get! If its not too cold i just tool up with a waterproof (breathable) cycling anorak and some cycling shorts, yes thats right shorts!
My theory is, if you are riding fast and hard enough you generate plenty of heat, wrapping up too much just makes me overheat. My second point is that the more clothes you wear, the more there is to get wet and soggy, and im sure you will agree, soggy sucks! Anyway Lycra cycle shorts dry out fast and dont chafe in the wet. Oh waterproof gloves and perhaps overshoes are a good idea too. And trust me, coming from england i know a thing or two about wet and cold bike rides!!!!!

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