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astompa 11-13-04 12:12 PM

at what temp do you go to the bootie?
At what temperature do you find it necessary to wear booties?

Guest 11-13-04 12:40 PM

Well, I'm committed to wearing my SPD sandals through the winter, so I would say about upper 30s to low 40s. Right now, I'm wearing the toesies over my sandals, and I really like the feel of that- I can keep on wearing my sandals as long as I have my booties and toesies, I think.


astompa 11-13-04 01:36 PM

Ok so you are wearing the sandal with what else? A wool sock? And then you put the bootie on over the sandal? Why is this better than wool sock, cycling shoe, bootie?

PWRDbyTRD 11-13-04 02:20 PM


Guest 11-13-04 02:22 PM

Dood, it's all about the comfort level. I just really love my sandals.

I wear a thicker sock, sandals and booties (or toesies if it's warmer). For the really cold days, I have those hydrosocks, and I'll wear those over the thicker socks, then put on the sandals and booties. I'm sure I'll be fine... at least until it gets REALLY cold, like sub-zero temperatures with high winds. Then I have some shoes I'll have to put on. I just hope it doesn't ever get that cold. I love my sandals.


Diggy18 11-13-04 07:07 PM

Hmm, I don't think I'll use the booties until maybe 23F. Uuntil then I think I can keep using my neoprene toe warmers with a good wool sock.

My problem is that my dang toes get cold so easily. Today on a 6 hour ride I used those chemical toe warmers, and they were great until hour 4.5, then they wore out pretty much. Now I'm thinking about batteried powered socks.

khuon 11-13-04 07:09 PM

For me, it's not about temperature but about precipitation. The booties go on when it starts getting into the rainy season because riding with slushy feet sucks and oftentimes the temps will drop but riding wet and cold is much different than just riding when it's cold.

late 11-13-04 07:34 PM

If it's below 50 I will prob start the ride with them. If I get warm, I throw them in the panniers. Then when the unxpected turns up, I am ready to put them back on. About ten years ago I got caught in a snowstorm. The weather forecast was sunny and in the 50's. And it was, right up to the point where the wind picked up, droped the temp to 30 and froze my right leg numb and useless.
The boy scouts had the right idea.

dobber 11-13-04 08:42 PM

Below 20F. Other then that it just ordinary MTB shoes. The booties are currently on my Cannondale clogs, which makes getting in and out a heck of a lot easier.

I probably should pick up some thinner lycra covers for the snowier but warmer days.

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