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roguehippie 11-23-04 08:42 AM

What to wear when you ride underwater.
Okay, if you don't live in the Pacific Nortwest (especially at the foot of the mountains i.e. where the rain really dumps) you don't understand that from November through June it rains, constantly, incessantly, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. But being born-again to the bike commuting scene, I wasn't going to let rain stop me. So I rode in yesterday. To my surprise it was raining. I have a Pearl Izumi jacket which is more of a shell, but is made of the Zephyr 2 fabric. It does okay in a light drizzle. I also have a Canary rain shell which is plastic, or rubber, or whatever, but completely unbreathable. I don't know what's more wet at the end of the ride, my outside from rain, or my inside from sweat. I have some pants which are decent, but my Nike MTB shoes blow like no other.

So . . .

If you had to recommend a good jacket that is highly water repelant and breathable, and a pair of shoes that actually have some small ability to keep your feet from being utterly soaked, what would you suggest? (Or are booties a good idea?)

Juha 11-23-04 09:19 AM

I have not found waterproof outer layer that would be breathable enough. All Gore-Tex (and imitations) breathe to some extent, but not enough for me it seems, at least not in higher temperatures. They are OK in cold weather (+5C and below).


canisestinvia 11-23-04 09:19 PM

From jimmymack in the cyclocross forum...


I highly recommend getting a pair of these socks.

I used mine today in a race that only had one mud bog, but my feet were nice and dry after the race. My feet really were not cold during the race either. The socks are only double the thickness of a standard bike racing sock.

There are two socks availible. The cheaper ones will protect your feet if the water level does not cross the elastic band. The more expensive ones have a rubber O-Ring seal to prevent any water seepage.

Dry feet are good!

vrkelley 11-23-04 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by lz4005
A snorkle. And a ziplock bag for my pie.

AWK...That's my gear...and believe me, car's give me *plenty* or room :)

RH, After arriving from a downpour, maybe I can help. Beyond the regular stuff that people post about rain gear, Here are some suggestions.

*Try a waterproof shoe like Diadora. Bags don't seem to work well because of mold/mildew etc.
* Longgggg rain pants or just chaps that cover the top of the shoe to prevent shoes from filling up from the top. Pants need vents at the pockets, and knee if possible.
* Jacket needs a wider cuff to get an updraft from your wrist. Lots of vents are your best bet.
* Pack with a waterproof cover and a secondary strap so the wind doesn't blow it off.
* Helmet with a rain cover or simple shower cap.

As Juhu mentioned...Not much is breathable in rain because of the humidity. If someone finds something that works better than Goretex, please enlighten!

Depending on where in the Pacific NW, some days will just be too hideous to ride...Last week we had 80mph winds and rain. Sorry when that radar shows Yellow or Red, I don't ride.

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