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Dannydyn 09-24-12 06:33 AM

Proper way to store bike?
Hello all,

I was wondering what was the recommended method to store a roadbike for the winter months.

During the summer, when I use the bike almost every other day, I keep it in the garage. For the winter months…. I was looking for some input here.

I live in the northeast and it get cold here. The Garage is not heated. Should I keep the bike in the garage, or perhaps stow it away in the basement where my furnace keeps the temp at around 60 degrees.

Also, in colder temps, for long periods of times, is it ok to leave the bike on the ground? Will the tires dry out and flatten out? Or should I try to keep it hanging off the floor?

Thanks for any input.

mulveyr 09-24-12 08:02 AM

Buy a couple of large $2.00 hooks from your local hardware store and leave it hanging in the garage. As long as it's up and away from substantial moisture ( and road salt your car brings into the garage ) it will be perfectly fine.

chriskmurray 09-24-12 08:02 AM

The bike will be fine in the garage, it is constantly changing temps that can cause condensation and become a problem but even then it is unlikely.

Now would be a great time to overhaul the bike, re-pack the bearings if they need it, clean the frame, oil the chain, etc that way it is in great shape for spring. If you are not OCD like me then you could just oil the chain and not wipe off the excess to help with any chance of corrosion and you should be just fine.

Dannydyn 09-24-12 08:34 AM

Great, thanks guys!

Doohickie 09-24-12 09:11 AM

I'd store it in the basement. More constant conditions.

pdlamb 09-25-12 02:58 PM

Take it south for the winter, and ride it where it's warm?

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