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Blues Frog 12-02-13 10:48 AM

I'm obviously not 65er but check out his blog at ravingbikefeind. It is informative and he has his own Winter Cycling 101 there. I go back there in the fall as a refresher.

Sixty Fiver 12-02-13 10:56 AM

We are supposed to get 10 inches of snow today... should be fun if I decide to ride down to the co-op for a bit this evening.

It is one of those days they are telling people not to drive and that means it should be a great day for winter cycling. :)

I have decided to sell my Pugsley and not because it isn't the most awesome snow bike ever but because health issues have been slowing me down and one has to pay the bills... figure that when things settle I can look at at a fat trike which might just be the ultimate winter bike.

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