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SpeedyP8 11-23-13 06:13 PM

Pearl Izumi Elite Amfib Bibtight...Is it too tight around the ankle or is it just me?
Hi there!
Today was the first day of the season that I took out my PI Elite Amfibs (with chamois) for a spin. I love these tights in every way except one and today was the day when I remembered why. The top of the gasket part of the tight (I have the one without a zipper) has an elastic section which is located above the ankle. It is the section where the internal stirrup in sown together with the main body of the tight and also where the gasket is sown in (the section which is over the stirrup and can be moved up when putting on your shoes and down again when done).

The elastic in this area is quite tight and when I took off the tights after my ride, I could see some pretty deep impressions above my ankle showing the line where that elastic was biting into my leg. I am thinking this cannot be good for lower leg/foot circulation and in fact I had the feeling that my toes were becoming rather cold not because of the temps today (low 40's), but because not enough blood was getting to them.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it bother anyone else? I was thinking I might have bought a too small pair of tights, but the fit is perfect. I am 6'2 and have the large size and the inseam, bib section and overall length are absolutely fine. It is just this area that is really problematic...unless you have pencil-thin calves, I guess.

Any thoughts, much appreciated!

marathon marke 11-24-13 06:31 PM

What is your inseam length?

timmbo 11-27-13 02:45 PM

I actually purchased the style WITHOUT the stirrup/gasket setup. My pair has zippers which also have a felt line "flap". I have no issues, they are very tight around my ankle, but I considered buying the style you have but liked the zipper idea better. I am sure it is really not a big deal. Good luck and enjoy!

illusiumd 03-06-15 09:08 AM

I thought initially that that stirrup went between the big and 1st little toe ninja style. Although the XL fit tight/good, I went a size up so it wouldn't take me an hour to get them off ;) muy comfortable

Fly2High 03-09-15 01:59 PM

When I tried them on, I found that I could go down a size but I prefer my tights to be smooth when on. I have a 38" waist at 212 lb 6"1'. When I wear the P.I. in an XL, I have wrinkles and am afraid the extra fabric will rub and irritate. The large size fit nice and tight, gave good compression and smooth lines.... plus I look thinner!!! Yeah, they are tough to get on but if you put them on like a woman does her stockings, I found it OK. I also put socks on before the tights to make things easier. Also, I think the tights got shorter as the size got smaller so that helped take the extra I had off the bottom. Being that I ended up not wanting that level of wind barrier and weight, I ended up with Elite Thermal and Elite Thermal Barrier tights. I got the Thermal Barrier in a Large and there was a sale on the regular Elite tights but they only had XL so I took them. Oddly enough, they were the same width so I am not sure if The Clymb sent me a mis-size or they only really get longer with size.


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