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Fynn 11-24-13 04:47 PM

Nokian WT240 vs. Extreme 294
I am looking to replace my 26" Nokian mount and grounds. I have had these since 2005 and while they have been OK I have learned over time that they are marginal in terms of my needs. I also have been in a lot of compromising conditions where the M&G's let me down.

I also have a pair of Extreme 294's on another bike that I love and frankly I would rather ride them in any conditions over the mount and grounds. Any additional rolling resistance is negligible at best. However, before I pull the trigger on another set of 294's, I was wondering about the WT240's.

They are a bit narrower and lighter and have studs down the center that the mount and ground lacks. Does anyone have any real world experience with 26" WT240's?

Bizman 11-25-13 12:33 AM

I just got my first set of studded tires (w240 700x40) so I can't compare them to any others. I do realize you are using 26". I have only used them in a skiff to 1" of snow last night when I came home at 3:30 am on my 12 1/2 mile commute. So far I didn't slip once and feel confident with them. They are a little slower than my summer tires but will deal with it no problem. I went with these because of the time of night I commute and felt I should have studs on the middle and outside of the tire. I never know when it could snow (like last night) or how much late t night. This was supposed to be the best all around tire according to Peter White Cycles.

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