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xtrajack 11-29-13 12:17 PM

Brooks Flyer in cold weather?
I recently got a Brooks Flyer saddle. I have never had a leather saddle before. I have heard that they feel "colder" in the winter, not really sure what that meant.
Is there anything that I need to know about cold weather, as regards my saddle? Does it do any damage to it, riding it in cold weather?

There was another thread that was discussing saddles in the winter, but it turned in to a discussion about chafing.

I am mostly concerned about ruining my Brooks.

Slaninar 11-29-13 12:42 PM

Leather saddle feels like concrete in the winter. Compared to a synthetic one. Not concrete hard, but concrete cold. Nothing that a pair of warm shorts can't help with (just some short bibs beneath pants was enough even for -15 C temperatures), but it is colder.

chriskmurray 11-29-13 12:56 PM

I can not tell a difference in cold from the leather but if I am only wearing something like jeans to commute in I can certainly feel the cold from the rivets for the first couple miles.

ThermionicScott 11-29-13 01:32 PM

I think as long as you Proofide it once in a while, and try to keep the snow/rain off of it, it should be fine. It's possible that gel/plastic saddles don't conduct heat as much as leather saddles, but that's not a big enough consideration for me.

GuNoKo 11-29-13 01:44 PM

I've used mine year-round. never even thought about cold weather in regard to my brooks saddle, so I guess any difference is dwarfed by the overall cold everywhere. Then again I'm usually generating excess heat in that area...

Slaninar 11-29-13 02:10 PM

I have 3 bikes. One (used 90% of the time) has the Brooks Flyer - the others have synthetic seats. When the weather gets below 10 C, I can still ride in just jeans, but when sitting on Brooks, I need an extra layer just on the but since it does feel colder. That is the time I feel the difference most.

modernjess 11-30-13 10:27 AM

Brooks on both my winter bikes. Proofhide once per a year with a thicker coat on the bottom side. I just try to keep it from getting too wet in the rain. As far as them being colder?? Whatever... It's negligible. I have plenty of clothes, They are formed to my rear end and I love them. They go where I go.

xtrajack 11-30-13 12:22 PM

Thanks all, I just was worried about doing damage to my Brooks riding it in the cold, sometimes below zero.

Slaninar 12-01-13 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by xtrajack (Post 16290162)
Thanks all, I just was worried about doing damage to my Brooks riding it in the cold, sometimes below zero.

No damage to the seat - just but feels colder. Works cold, rain, sun - no problems.

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