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Tesgin 12-06-13 09:32 AM

Visibility of the Showers Pass Elite Pro jacket
I am seriously leaning toward purchasing the Showers Pass Elite Pro bicycling jacket for my winter riding. I really like all of the features. I have one hesitation, and I'm wondering if anyone who has experience with this particular jacket could speak to this for me.

In all of my jackets and jerseys I really like to have high visibility. I strongly prefer the Wow! Bright yellow - almost fluorescent - colors that jump out at you on the road. I'm not so concerned about cosmetics as visibility. So, my question is how visible would the orange jacket be on the road, especially at night. I do a lot of bike riding at night and really want to stand out conspicuously to motorists.

RPK79 12-06-13 09:51 AM

Never seen it in person or anything, just googled it. It looks pretty bright to me and it has reflective bits. Personally I believe proper lights are far more important than what you're wearing when it comes to night riding.

pdlamb 12-06-13 10:55 AM

Not sure about the Elite, but my Transit (Touring replacement) in yellow seems quite visible, and the reflective stripe across the back is almost twice as wide as the reflective stripe on my (other-brand) reflective belt.

fietsbob 12-06-13 10:57 AM

Put it on..

Hand some one your cell phone and have them take a picture.

scoatw 12-06-13 06:26 PM

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I've had two of them for the last seven years. good jacket. they do have zipper malfunctioning problems though. as in it ceases to work after some time. the zipper on the breast pocket blew out after a few months. After a year or so the zipper on the rear pocket busted. That made me madder than hell. But as far as reflectivity. I've had cops and other drivers tell me how they had seen me from about a mile or so away. One cop was really impressed by that. all in all it would be a good purchase. I'm sure that not all of the jackets have the same problems that I had. but I seem to replace them about every three years or so due to heavy use.

click on the picture for a larger view.

Tesgin 12-12-13 07:21 AM

FWIW, I did go ahead and purchase this jacket. It came last night. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. I can say, though, that it's beautiful. Nicely made, nice-looking. I'm eager to get out on the road and try it out.


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