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billnuke1 12-13-13 04:32 PM

Ice! Ice! Baby!
1 Attachment(s)! Ice! Baby! This ice was not visible coming back! I knew it was there, so I kept to the clear side! No other bikers to warn!

ThermionicScott 12-13-13 04:58 PM

Studs. /shrug

modernjess 12-17-13 12:44 PM

Crap, I thought this was going to be a thread on Vanilla Ice.

billnuke1 12-17-13 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 16327975)
Studs. /shrug

Old knobbies. Skid!

droy45 12-17-13 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by modernjess (Post 16337443)
Crap, I thought this was going to be a thread on Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice has gone Amish. Heh Heh

billnuke1 12-17-13 09:12 PM

I actually watched his show a couple of weeks ago! May be at Thanksgiving. He's a remodeler of some sort.

ThermionicScott 12-17-13 11:09 PM

Mr R Van Winkle does know how to reinvent himself in his old age... :)

MEversbergII 12-18-13 07:29 AM

Hit some ice this morning on the way out of my neighborhood. Went down like like a camp. Nothing seems broken; was worried I fudged up my derailleur but it appears fine.


billnuke1 12-18-13 09:59 AM


Greg M 12-18-13 03:56 PM

roads were a sheet of ice this morning. Studded snows were awesome!!!!!!:D

soze 12-18-13 05:56 PM

My Hakkas do the job on road ice, but they're no contest on postholed, remelted, iced-over paths. Which sucks, because it adds either a 0.25mi portage or a 3mi workaround to my commute (yes, really.).

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