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Black Jaque 12-24-13 10:52 AM

anyone try a pedalcar?
Just curiius if anyone has tried winter commuting with a pedal car. I did a bit of searching and about the most I've found are people who outfit 'em with snow plows. Plowing a dri eway in low gear is a bit different than trying to pedal 3.5 miles in less time than it takes to walk.

ironwood 12-24-13 11:50 AM

I'd love one for plowing my driveway.

squegeeboo 12-24-13 12:02 PM

I wonder how well it would work on the sludge at the end of the driveway that the plow truck leaves.

fietsbob 12-24-13 01:09 PM

they make chains for those tire sizes? I'd probably put a powered snow blower in the front ,
maybe a body with a heat exchanger on the blower motor to warm up the inside.

I, in reality, just live where it snows as an episode not an annual season constant.

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