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rylhwk 12-25-13 01:26 PM

christmas day ride
had my 1st christmas day ride and it was wonderful. only did 4.5 miles with flurries and 22deg. rode through our small town, hit the gravel, and had a couple peaple look at me. it was GREAT!!!!

trafficdancer 12-25-13 04:24 PM

Oh, I'm envious! I'm getting over a nasty respiratory flu and could only gaze at the snow as I had to DRIVE TO WORK today.

Artkansas 12-25-13 04:40 PM

Last year we got snowed in, but this year temps were in the high 40's so I went down to the River Trail and rode through Two Rivers park. Very few cyclists, but lots of pedestrians. About 13 miles total. But a fun and quiet ride.

wipekitty 12-25-13 04:56 PM

Lovely day for a ride here on Wisconsin's West Coast as well - temperatures in the balmy low 20s, and just a bit of a breeze. The university had more signs of human life than I would have liked, but there was still some nice fresh snow to ride through. Overall, much more fun than Christmas rides I've done in those warm places!

Jewel 12-26-13 10:25 AM

My husband & I went for a wonderful 40 degrees day ride around town and to the park where we watched ducks slipping around on the iced-over river. So few cars --LOVED it!

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