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CanadianBiker32 12-25-13 01:45 PM

How Do you dry Wet/ Sweaty gloves
I like some suggestion on how to dry out gloves/mitts that are all wet and sweaty?

Suggestions so i don't ruin my mitts. thanks

ThermionicScott 12-25-13 03:09 PM

Turn 'em inside out, or put 'em on some kind of rack to dry (think like a big fork.)

Wilbur Bud 12-25-13 03:56 PM

A boot and glove dryer works well for me.

Plus, you can warm them up a little right before departure as well, to take care of that couple of minutes at the start of a cold ride when everything is working towards equilibrium.

Machka 12-26-13 01:44 AM

Turn them inside out and lay them over the heat vent.

Kai Winters 12-26-13 05:35 AM

I set mine on my boiler or hot water tank...usually completely and gently dried within a day

lenA 12-26-13 05:53 AM

I use a clothes pretty good

Multcomedic 12-26-13 06:36 PM

I cram paper towels into mine when I get to work. They go over the heater vents at home.

rumrunn6 12-26-13 08:06 PM

buy backups to use while the wet ones dry. my favorite setup for winter was glove liners under loose fitting winter gloves, but even that setup required backup for wet days - extra pair at work and home

Bizman 12-26-13 11:28 PM

At my work I park my bike by refrigeration compressors. The gloves are placed within the spokes of the rear wheel which is only a foot from one of the refrigeration units that is mounted on the floor. In summer it is real warm in that area, in the winter the fan blowing from the unit dries the gloves. When at home in the winter I place them close to the coal fire, and the summer I place them by the dehumidifier.

pdlamb 12-27-13 11:28 AM

My heaviest (lobster and the like) gloves still wick fairly well. As a result, I can flip the cuffs inside out and hand or drape them on a drying rack. Depending on how wet/sweaty they are, they'll dry by time to leave work, overnight, or in a couple days.

Carbonfiberboy 12-28-13 01:28 AM

If they're all sweaty, I launder mine. Machine wash warm, dryer low. That probably doesn't dry them completely, so then I put them on a rack over the heater in our house. I wash them to get the salt out, because salt is hygroscopic. Very hard to dry salty stuff.

lhbernhardt 01-02-14 04:29 PM

Another vote for laying them on the hot water tank.


Chief Brody 01-02-14 06:24 PM

What I have done is picked up spare pairs for gloves that I really like. I have several different gloves that I use depending on the weather; having a spare set allows me to ride back to back days without having to worry about 'drying' my gloves. I just lay them out on a wire rack to dry; I don't like to apply any heat.

Picking up another pair in the offseason won't solve your immediate issue, but it is cheap insurance against having to worry about whether or not your gloves are dry. I have had good luck at finding gloves in the offseason for 50% - 75% off.

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