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Myosmith 01-01-14 06:14 AM

Christmas gift = Marathon Winters
My wife gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas with directions to use it for something bike related. My first purchase was a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires in 700x40. The roads have been really glazed over for a month already with no end in sight for at least another month or two. Some winters the roads stay fairly clear, this isn't one of them so I haven't been on a bike outdoors since November.

iforgotmename 01-01-14 08:17 AM

Enjoy, there are great tires for icy/light snowy conditions. I had a set that I used for a couple of years before gifting them to my buddy who still has them. I ended up going with a more aggressive tire on that bike and using my other bike for winter road riding. I may get a set of MW for my road rider next year.

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