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smurfy 01-04-14 11:26 AM

BMX Cruiser as Winter Bike?
I have an aluminum 24" wheel bmx cruiser frame laying around that I was thinking of selling but I had the idea of turning it into a winter snow bike. I wouldn't ride it long distances or on trails or anything like that, just around the neighborhood. The longest ride I would do with it would be to the grocery store and back, four miles round trip. I thought aluminum would be a good frame material because the salt here on the roads just eats up bikes and parts.

I'm not new to winter cycling, having built up a mtn fixie several years ago with homemade studded tires. I guess the purpose of this bike would be to help eliminate winter boredom and cabin fever. I'm just wondering if this would be a good candidate for a winter bike or if I should just sell it and get something else.

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