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TuckamoreDew 01-13-14 01:15 AM

Winter Cycling Lexicon
Edmonton winter cycling veteran and fellow Bikeworks volunteer Robert Clinton has written a detailed lexicon naming the various snows and ices that winter cyclists encounter in our city. There is also a heaping helping of winter cycling philosophy and tips on dealing with these assorted conditions described. I'm hosting this essay on my blog and hope to add a few photos eventually.

It's a detailed treatise, so if you've time, settle in with a hot beverage and peruse it. I'd be interested to hear any of your own local names for the snows/ices he has catalogued.

Lexicon of Urban Edmonton Ices

I'd don't think Robert is a member here at BikeForums, but I'll send him the link to this thread .


alan s 01-13-14 12:54 PM

I try to keep it simple. We get ice, snow, and churned up, rutted mess here. Marathon Winters go on, and if insufficient, I drive or walk around the nasty patches.

fietsbob 01-13-14 01:27 PM

This translated from Inuit? 1st nations of the far North?

O I see there is a lot about what its like being shared first with the cars and trucks

rather than just the Polar Bears and seals & skidoos ..

Saw, somewhere, a range of names of the various textures of Mud , applicable to CX racing too..

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