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GreenspeedGTS 01-14-14 07:10 AM

Nokian Exteme Studded Tires and Black Ice Review
I live in WI and one evening last wk got a call that there was a immediate need for assistance at my employer apparently the roads were so bad no one could make it in to help. I was not paying attention to the weather, I was in the house and went outside and the streets and side walks were glare ice. It was raining out and then freezing. Previous to this we had temps -20 with windchill's -60. There were car accidents all over and snow plows in the ditch. I got out my Giant VT2 with 25K+ miles on it and my 7 + year old Nokian Extreme studded tires and rode this to work. Never spun a tire or slipped once. Got to my employers parking lot and a maintenance guy saw me riding while he was spreading salt and said "are you nuts" I said I have studded tires and haven't slipped once. After leaving working by now the rain stopped but everything was coated in a sheet of ice. Took my time but again no accidents or even spun a tire. Just a wk or two prior I replaced a few studs that appeared worn on each tire. I had looked into buying a fat tire bike, took one for a test drive but with the good performance of this bike's tires and my advanced age, I think I will stick with this set up for winter weather. Around here salt is measured in tons per mile and I have gone through many bike components since I got this bike in I think 2001

ThermionicScott 01-16-14 10:49 AM

Nicely done, sir. :thumb:

missjean 01-17-14 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 16415826)
Nicely done, sir. :thumb:


I've been very happy with my Nokians. This past weekend though, I did try to ride on a pond that had glass like ice that was so hard & slick after all that arctic cold that at the slightest wobble, I would start to slip.

NOS88 01-17-14 07:32 AM

Nokians are great. Mine, knock on wood, have kept me upright all winter.

Barrettscv 01-17-14 10:20 AM

Great report. I'd rather ride on studded tires than walk on the icy paths in Chicago. Studs feel safer and perform better than winter boots, IMO.

fietsbob 01-17-14 12:24 PM

even sub extreme IE less studs , Im better on my Bike with my Nokian tires than trying to walk .

wearing non studded sole boots.

PNW logger's Boots had studded soles to walk on log rafts when they got towed down rivers to sawmills.

bhc 01-18-14 08:11 AM

They make you wish for freezing rain / drizzle. :)

We had the lakes freeze up before Thanksgiving. But no snow. Took the kids ice skating, and I rode the bicycle. Just don't stop, too slippery for the feet. But never a hint of slipping from the tires.

Lex Fati 01-18-14 08:32 AM

Very impressive, GreenspeedGTS.

This is my first year with studs. The Hakkapeliitta's make world of difference on ice & I'd recommend them to anyone riding through the winter up here. However, on Monday we had pretty heavy accumulation of snow and the studs just didn't grip the unplowed roads. I am curious how a fat bike would compare when snow volume is the issue.

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