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lenA 01-15-14 01:38 PM

Show me a winter pedal

cyccommute 01-15-14 05:44 PM

Winter, summer, mountain biking, road biking, touring, commuting, whatever

And get a dust cap on your pedal:rolleyes:

Myosmith 01-15-14 08:44 PM

I just use the flats on these during the winter, when it is cold enough that I ride in my insulated hiking shoes instead of MTB shoes.

I used to have the A530s which are similar but more of a touring pedal. They work great for a touring/century bike, but can get slippery with wet/frozen soles. These are better for keeping your foot in place, especially when standing. If it is above freezing and the roads are fairly clear, I wear my MTB shoes with neoprene covers and clip in just like in the summer.

Bat56 01-15-14 09:57 PM

Two sided SPD compatible. Any brand.

chriskmurray 01-15-14 10:01 PM

I will second cyccommute's choice in winter pedals.

I have ridden the "winter" pedals from 45 NRTH and was not impressed. There is a massive hump near the cranks where the bearings are and it drives me crazy.

lubes17319 01-15-14 10:09 PM

My old stand-by
What I rock now (Looks were on sale when I broke my last set of Times)

I normally run Shimano SPDs, but they come off when the snow starts to fly. If clipped in, something with an open platform is best to allow the snow/ice buildup to fall through, i.e. Eggbeaters style.

*This is coming from a MTB perspective: gotta hike-a-bike here & there, so you get inevitable build up in the cleats.

lenA 01-16-14 06:54 AM

now I know what that little black thing was

ThermionicScott 01-16-14 10:47 AM

Mine are cheapie Power Grip pedals. Since I ride fixed-gear in the winter, I want some form of foot retention, but I want the ability to bail without any thought if need be.

NOS88 01-16-14 11:39 AM

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I use these Forte Boulevard pedals. The slightly curved platform side fits my non-cycling winter boots quite well, and the spd side works with my winter cycling shoes.

Leebo 01-16-14 11:39 AM

Big flat pedal with steel pins.

fietsbob 01-16-14 03:12 PM

Ergon & rubber boots

linus 01-16-14 07:34 PM

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