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Mr.McBeardson 01-15-14 03:32 PM

Somewhat of a rant
Started going to college this year and saw the amount of bikes on campus diminish rapidly once snow came about (which makes sense) the ones that did stick around were still locked up pretty well regardless of the weather conditions. Except one. As i was walking to my next class i glanced over at the bike racks as i always do to check out whats there. I saw a nice, shiny, big ol surly moonlander. "holy sh**" i say (as its the first time ive seen one up close and personal). So i go over to check it out a bit and a lime green coil caught my eye..whoever owned this bike locked it up with what appeared to be a run of the mill, no name cable lock. I dont know how much these bikes cost, but im assuming a great amount. It literally made me mad that someone locked up such a nice bike with such a crap lock (at least it was locked up though). If i had a bike such as this, i would have spent a lot more than this guy did on at least 2, probably more locks. Sorry, end of rant. needed bike peeps to rant to.

MNTC 01-18-14 05:23 AM

Steal it if it bothers you that much, it'll teach the owner a lesson. /notseriousobviously

fotooutdoors 01-18-14 06:46 AM

As a year-round commuter, I am lot less concerned about theft in the cold, snowy winter. Maybe I shouldn't be, but... I use a u-lock 3/4 of the year, but carry a much lighter coil lock in the winter. No, I don't have $2000 in my bike, but I would be sad if it was stolen. My point is that I am guessing the owner of said bike might have similar thoughts.

social suicide 01-20-14 05:57 AM

Maybe the owner was keeping an eye on it through the scope of his 30.06.

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