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vol 01-29-14 12:10 PM

Cable lock super stiff in the cold
Yesterday I rode in temperature in mid teens (15~18F) for about half hour, then when I parked the bike outside and was going to uncoil the Kryptonite cable from my seatpost, I found the cable super stiff and almost fixed in that tightly coiled shape. I managed to take it off, and then looped it through the front wheel, it remained tightly coiled, so I had a hard time to get it reach my chain lock to secure the front wheel. Of course under the plastic cover it's metal cable inside, but I still wonder if it'd be easier to break the lock in such cold condition?

RPK79 01-29-14 12:13 PM

I imagine it might take 2 seconds to cut instead of 3.

vol 01-29-14 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by RPK79 (Post 16450349)
I imagine it might take 2 seconds to cut instead of 3.

I wonder if it could be broken without any tool.

modernjess 01-29-14 02:49 PM

Makes me think of the TV science guys dipping a banana in liquid nitrogen then using the banana to pound a nail into a board.

So I think the answer to your question is, if the thief hits it with a frozen banana your lock will shatter like glass.

Clearly I have no idea.

andmalc 01-30-14 06:51 AM

I've had two cable locks in recent years. One would flex pretty well in cold weather. The one I have now stiffens right up. I don't remember the brand of the flexy one. Has anyone found a brand/type that keeps on flexing, even during an old-school winter like we're having now?

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