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Doughboy6 02-09-14 01:05 PM

Opinions on Bike Planet Borealis
Does anyone have these? I am looking for a new pair of winter gloves, tired of my finger tips always getting cold. I don't like the full lobsters just because of the way I grip the brifters. My current pair of gloves is only good to about 32 and then my finger tips get numb (mostly due to buying the "correct" size rather than a size up to accommodate the liners). Any thoughts? How do they run in size? You know all the good stuff.

TomCat_Ford 02-09-14 02:26 PM

I bought a pair earlier this year and have been happy with them. Once the temperatures get into the teens and single digits, though, my fingers do start to get cold (but it isn't unbearable, in my opinion). I took my measurements and selected a size based on the manufacturer's sizing chart and the gloves fit me well.

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