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Myosmith 02-15-14 01:15 PM

Got a little breezy

The day before yesterday it didn't look bad in town so I headed out on the highway. The wind picked up and visibility deteriorated. There was a semi parked on the side of the road so I stopped to get out of the wind for a minute and snapped this picture. I really like winter riding, but I gave it up at this point and headed home. Not worth the risk.

fietsbob 02-15-14 01:19 PM

looks like a rainbow halo around the sun, though..

Myosmith 02-15-14 01:25 PM

It was actually a bright, sunny day. This snow fog was only about 30 feet deep and the rainbow effect was within it. A 12-15 mph wind was picking up a lot of fine, dry snow crystals that acted like a fine mist to create a rainbow effect. The photo came out very gray, but it would have been pretty, very white and sparkley, if you didn't have to worry about becoming a hood ornament.

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