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CanadianBiker32 03-26-14 07:23 PM

Road Bike get ruined from salt or dirt on winter roads?
Ok where i live here in Ontario, Canada, winter seems to want to stay. However I been riding lots on the roads lately, with my winter beater mt bike. It does get dirty abit, but most of the roads now outside of city are clear of snow and ice.
Just still cold, like below freezing at times. I am riding lots as i have to to train etc.

Now I really want to get my road bike out to ride now. I know It will get a little dirty from the roads abit when riding to country? Would all the salt thats left over and road grim hurt my road bike? its a alum/carbon frame. Argon 18

Would i be ok to ride now or should i keep with riding my winter beater mt bike?


jimblairo 03-26-14 09:25 PM

Wash it down after each ride. Salt is tough on alum.

fietsbob 03-27-14 11:47 AM

+1, set up the bike cleaning gear and hose, so its convenient to wash the bike down after the ride .

PaulRivers 04-22-14 12:01 PM

The frame itself isn't really a problem. I think posters saying salt is hard on aluminum are being absurd. If you wash your bike then accidentally leave it outside and it freezes, that would be far worse than anything the salt is going to do to it. Aluminum doesn't rust, and even steel bike frames are coated and it's not usually an issue.

The bigger issue is with the components - the deraillers, chain, etc. Stuff that moves will wear out faster if it gets salt/sand/etc in it. But - for the most part, as long as you aren't riding through puddles or in/after a rain, it's probably not that big of a deal either.

Leebo 04-22-14 01:11 PM

Aluminum oxidizes, same as rust. So yes, just keep it clean.

Noonievut 04-22-14 01:50 PM

I ride all winter in Ontario with an aluminum cross bike...I usually give it a wipe with a dry cloth after every winter ride, and if it's a particularly salty/dirty ride I first wipe it down with a wet rag. I gave the bike a thorough cleaning a few weeks ago and it looks brand new.

PaulRivers 04-27-14 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Leebo (Post 16693323)
Aluminum oxidizes, same as rust. So yes, just keep it clean.

I disagree. I've never seen anyone have any actual problem with this happening, and I live in Minnesota where people ride all winter through salt, sand, water, etc.

If it's dry out - I don't think there's any need for the OP to worry about anything, especially not rinsing his entire bike down. It definitely doesn't stop me - as soon as there's no chance of ice, I'm out there.

MEversbergII 04-28-14 09:15 AM

My frame seems to be fine after the salt/sand this winter, but my top tube has some discolourization I think is from it getting stuck on and me not noticing.

Ungumming it all from the drive train takes patience, though.


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