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fattirebikes 03-13-14 09:45 AM

New Fat Tire Bike Race Series
Xtreme Fat Tire Bikes are proud to announce a new Fat Tire Bike Race series , starting on May 19th we will be having the First Ever All Beach Fat Tire Crit. Bike Race. This will be in Daytona Beach Florida and you will be able to sign up starting March 31st at Xtreme Bike Racing Xtreme Triathlon Fat Tire AT All Terrain Bikes. This will be a televised event and we will be listing the categories and prizes at the same time . These will all be cash races and we will also be having cash SUP ( Stand-Up Paddle races ) as well in the Ocean at the same times . We will keep you posted. The Crit. Races will be a one mile loop ( 1/4 mile each way from the start with coned turns ) . This will be a great event an a first of many to come as we know this will be a great event not only for the racers , but with it on the beach and great weather it will be a great event for spectators as well . Please comment on any suggestions as we currently have no rules , except don't run over you fellow rides and try not to knock them over . Have fun: Tommi

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