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Thread: Drumming Sound

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    Drumming Sound

    So the last few days riding my road bike, I've been hearing a terribly annoying sound like a light drumroll type sound coming from the BB / crankset area I think.

    The sound can best be described as similar to a light drum roll, and it only happens when I am pedaling hard with the non-drive side, or if I pull up hard while clipped in on the drive side (testing, don't normally do this).

    There is no sound if I'm pedaling hard on the drive side with no real effort on the non-drive side.

    I assembled the bike myself with all new 2010 Rival a few months ago, and the group only has about 400 miles on it. I adjusted and tweaked the indexed shifting after the cables broke in and stretched a bit. I've also been tweaking the indexed shifting to try and see if it was related to this, but that has been to no avail. The indexing is perfect, and it's not the sound of the chain jumping on the cassette.

    I plan to disassemble most everything this weekend, clean and re-grease all of the threads on basically everything. Right now I'm thinking it's the BB cups, any other suggestions for places to look etc.?


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    Did you lube the shaft on the crankset well where it contacts the BB cups? That is often the cause of BB noise on the external bearing BBs.

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