Fella bought a Bianchi for $75.00 right as I walked in the door of the local bike shop. I offered a nice 2X price, was turned down but found that the guy might trade for a more current index shifting bike in a 58 or so. (this looks like a 54 ST or so) I didn't get a pic of the bike but I am hoping you Bianchi people can give me some idea as to the year and likely stock group and it's position in the Bianchi line-up

The frame is metallic grey in color. I didn't see a tube set sticker but I did see a "made in italy" tag on the seat and a "B" on the seatstay cap. It was stored indoors and is very sharp.

the post, bars, stem are 3T, brakes are Modolo with a deep unpainted Corsa stamping with a somewhat cheesy ball burnish (machine polish) finish

The cranks were Bianchi labeled and of the older "arm in front of spider" type.

The hubs were unmarked, rims Matrix. The shift group is Triomph.

My uneducated guess is an entry level straight gauge bike with the wrong wheels. I would have liked to see the bike a week earlier for $75 but I didn't.

If I can get the guy to swap for an index bike, how much should I spend ?

Thanks a ton.