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    Garmin 205 Vs Polar CS200 (Both with Cadence)

    Hey guys,
    Looking at getting a cycle computer and want a good one that I can use to get myself pushed and hopefully get into better shape.

    Was looking at the Polar CS200cad with cadence and heart rate monitor and it looked ideal.
    Between the HR monitor and cadence I could really measure myself and push myself (and also use the calorie watcher on it to try loose some weight).

    Just started looking at the Garmin Edge's though and they look like they're a hell of a lot more for the money so to speak. They look pretty fancy and like there's alot to it whereas the Polar just feels alot more like a fancy little cycle computer but still just a basic cycle computer.

    Wondering what peoples opinions are between the two and the pro's and con's of each against each other.
    Could stretch to the 305 probably as I'm single with an ok job but just dont really feel I can justify it for how much I cycle.

    I usually cycle to work and back every day (only a 5km cycle each way) and then try go on the weekend off road (11km there, 11km off road track, 11km back).

    I want to push myself to do more and think something like this might help me as I can measure and push myself with it.

    Looking for wiser more experienced peoples opinions and thoughts.


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    I'm a big fan of Polar units but I don't recommend the CS200. It has (or maybe had) a flaky reputation for reliability.

    You don't need a HRM to get motivated. Your rate of breathing is more than sufficient for determing how hard your working. A simple wired computer, with cadence, should be fine. But if you really want a nice HRM, look at the Suunto T3, which an be used for running, biking, etc., including wireless hookup to speed.The T2 isn't bad either.

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