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    Cateye Heavy Duty mount problem

    My brother picked up an extra mount for me from Performance, the heavy duty mount for my Mity 8. It was the last one they had in the store and they no longer seem to carry it, although Nashbar and others do. THe one he got was a return, the bag had been opened. The brass nut that the mouthing screw threads into on the handlebar mount has the threads bunged up, the screw will not go through. Should I go back to Performance, to Cateye, get a tap and retap the threads or drill it out and add a slightly larger screw and nut? (The nut is round on the outside, with barbs that hold it in the plastic) Thanks.

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    If I had access to a tap and die set, I would try to fix the threads first. Worst case is it still does not work and you take it back.
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