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    Garmin 500 and Satellite issues

    I switched from the 305 to the 500 and so far I'm not real pleased with the way the 500 acquires the sat signal...or should I say DOESN'T acquire it. The 305 would find it in less than 60 seconds...the 500 is several minutes...and sometimes 5 or more. Even then it's horribly inaccurate. The 305 would get me to within a few feet, the 500 is lucky to get the same street! Anyone else having this issue? New firmware as of 6/19/12
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    If you do a search you will find advice in the Garmin Knowledge Base on satellite acquisition issues. I would suggest a hard rest (back-up your data first but) and if that fails back to your retailer/Garmin it goes. My Edge 800 (second one BTW as the first failed) is back with Garmin at the moment for the same issues.


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