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    Giant Talon 5 27.5 vs DiamondBack Axis Sport 27.5

    I'm new to this forum and new to Mountain Biking. My friend took me couple of days ago and I just fell in love with the Hobby. I was using a Trek Hardtail he let me borrow which was way to big for me and I felt I could of enjoyed it better if I had my own MTB to my dimensions. So after days of research My budget is around 500-700$. Which brought me down to two choices.

    Giant Talon 5 27.5 (16" frame) 570$ at LBS
    DiamondBack Axis Sport 16" Frame 599$ at LBS (This was on sale from 749$)

    I've been going back and forward looking at reviews. I test rode both of them in their parking lot but wish i could of took it on a trail. I'm mostly going to be doing trails as I live in FL and there is no big mountains, But there is amazing single trails.

    So i figured i go on a forum and get others people input for the prices. They both come with Suntour

    Axis Sport- SR Suntour XCR-LO 27.5 100mm Travel, 30mm stanchions, Speed Lock, Magnesium Lower, alloy Crown

    Giant Talon- SR Suntour XCT MLO, w/lockout

    Here is the specs side by side.
    2014 Axis Sport vs 2014 Talon 27.5 5 - Mountain Bikes Comparison

    I know you guys would have more experience at comparing and woudl be able to give me some input. Eventually I will go Full Suspension, but this is something i could get now. So i could enjoy the hobby now, then save up where I would trade my Hardtail for a Full-Suspension.


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    Axis Sport, better spec for little extra price, at this level, you can often just pick the color, specs are so similar, but in this case, the DN has hydraulic brakes, and some parts are better spec'd than the Giant

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