f you read the latest from Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, wholesale sales to bike shops are down significantly. In March they were off 15.5%. Most of this is due to the weather and I would add some of it is due to the Lance affect but itís going to mean a few things for both you and bike shops.

With Sram already tipping their hand on the introduction of the 11 speed Red and Force, and inventories at the wholesale level up 40% over last year, there are going to be killer deals around for bike buyers (both shops and consumers). New model year road bikes are typically rolled out to consumers mid-summer putting pressure on last yearís models at the peak of the buying season.

Adding to this, I believe, that fact that newer bikes simply donít outperform bikes sold in the last 5 years so there will be fewer bike buyers Ė people are much more likely to add a set of carbon wheels to their existing bike rather than replace one that performs the same (frames donít wear out).

But if you are in the market, now is a great time to buy and look for some great deals. Which leads me to some great deals we have going below.

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

Finally, after a two month delay, the 2014 model year wheels have left Taiwan. Due to arrive in LA on May 4th so we should have them toward the end of the following week (May 9-10). Whatís new? Lots.

All but one model have the new wider rims Ė quickly becoming the standard for all wheels. Also new are black or red hubs and lighter aero spokes (which give you more spokes in the rear of the aero wheels while still reducing weight). There is also our first stock wheel set using the Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Check out all of the models and take advantage of our special pricing.