So I'm converting from 9-speed to 10-speed, and when I took the hood off the 105 right side shifter that I bought, I noticed that the body is cracked pretty bad, and it looks like it might not work out...

So I'm looking for a 105 5600 or Ultegra 6600 front brifter. I'm looking to pay around 50 bucks, but let me know what you have and what price you want to get, and maybe we can work something out. If I look around for a while and can't find one at that price, I could consider going higher.

I'm hoping sombody has one in good shape lying around that they don't need.

Also, if anyone has one thats not working, I might be able to take it off your hands for a couple of bucks and just use the plastic body.

Located in Brighton MA. I can be reached by forum reply, or text at seven-81-seven38one971