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Originally Posted by Ziemas View Post
“If cyclists had to take a test, like all other road users do, and pay insurance, then perhaps there would be a lot less idiots riding their bikes, wearing their iPod or mobile phone earphones and expecting everyone else to not only give way to them but to also read their minds as to their next action,” said one blogger after the death of a London cyclist last week.
How is a cyclist wearing an iPod any different from a car driver with a huge set of amplifiers and the volume set to 11 any different? The real problem isn't the music player, it's operator inattention.

All of the collisions and incidents outlined in this story come down to the same factor, the operator of a vehicle not paying attention to what they are doing.

I find it interesting that the only solution for this problem amongst cyclists is licencing, testing and insurance, because none of those are resolving the problem when it comes to motorists.
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