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if you are going to cover your clothing in plastic bags to block out wind, be sure you have a sweat wicking layer on underneath and make sure you have a small cutout at the back which will act as a chimney for evaporated sweat, instead of having it condense on your clothing, chilling you further.

Originally Posted by AngrySaki View Post
Cold feet:
I moved my panniers from the back of my bike to the front using a low rider rack, so they block a lot of the wind on my feet which helps keep them warm. So far it hasn't affected my stability enough to be a problem.
I've tried this before, and it would be better to use machka's method of keeping feet warm. On windy days with plenty of gusts, the panniers act like a wind sail and either send you into the next lane, snow bank or down to the ground. Add to this, with the extra weight on the front , it is more likely to make you endo when braking hard.
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