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Originally Posted by 91MF View Post
i have a story of pure horror.
i am an audi technician and the audi sales manager comes up to me one day as im carrying my bike up to the mezzanine at the back of the shop. he is older and british, 'oh jay i didnt even think of you - i just gave away some old bikes i had from my younger years' annoying, right?
not as annoying as a few days later he shows me pictures of a younger, fitter him on the two custom built bob jackson road bikes and the bob jackson track bike he just GAVE AWAY. 'they were in really good condition but they needed tires and such...' we are the same size give or take a 1/2 inch and a 60yr old beer belly. they would have been perfect for me.
i am still haunted by this.
Aaaaaarrrghhh !
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