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Helmets cramp my style

I see more ladies than men, the guys tend to look often like work commuters, boots= like they might not even OWN a helmet.

The ladies however are often young, on cruisers or classics, doing the 'hair show'.
Less cyclists than voyeur -gers.
I find it has the reverse effect, I think of 'unprotected' riding as uncool, not sexy.

"When cycling...or in bed =put some protection over your head."
The babe in town that rides a Ritchey..she had a helmet....stone fox.

Maybe on the MUP or 'country lane' riding minus a lid is not so smart.
I've rarely seen a mtb'er offroad without.

Most KIDS are smarter than some adult cyclists.
It was nice to see so many riders today though. ....even the dumb ones.

My little bike+rant for today.
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