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Originally Posted by jeff williams
I find it has the reverse effect, I think of 'unprotected' riding as uncool, not sexy.

"When cycling...or in bed =put some protection over your head."
The babe in town that rides a Ritchey..she had a helmet....stone fox.

Maybe on the MUP or 'country lane' riding minus a lid is not so smart.
I've rarely seen a mtb'er offroad without.
I'm usually not one for trying to divide cyclists into different groups but I find this to be an interesting thing amongst those who consider themselves as MTBers as opposed to those who consider themselves to be roadies. Coming from the MTB culture, even though I also am a roadie, I find that in MTBing, helmets are regarded as cool whereas that's not so much the case amongst the roadies. I think it's because as MTBers, we crash often and we crash hard so we've become more aware of the advantages of protection and we tend to know more about what works and what doesn't in that regard.
1999 K2 OzM 2001 Aegis Aro Svelte
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