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Hair doesnt grow through scar tissue.
I've 2 little bald spots on my head that are 25yrs old from a ground strike while jumping bikes, no helmet.
I had the wheel come off at the top of the ramp and I endo'd headfirst onto the road...say 6 foot fall.
Some little road rocks clipped the follicles out and punched indents into my skull.

Having blood flushed from your ear canal is pretty nasty too.

Falling the wrong way even from a standstill can mess you up badly, I cycle offroad, have very good ballance skills and having skateboarded for years =know how to fall, distribute force. I almost never hit my head, the times I do -I have a lid.

I doubt any cycling novice on a cruiser is going to pull of a ninja roll to save her knoggin.
The people I see not wearing helmets are not serious cyclists, lack skill and are the most likely to be injured as they often ride sidewalk onto crosswalks, and have little plan as to deal with bailing off a cycle.

I'm just not able to fathom unsafe as cool, driving without a seatbelt isn't cool.
Rockclimbing without a helmet isn't cool.
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