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Originally Posted by Beerman
First off, if you know how to tighten your nuts, you won't need a tensioner. Second, you only need a tensioner on the drive side; it's pretty pointless to run one on the other side.

I already know how to tighten my 'chain' (not nuts like you said) without tensioners, that's what I had to do the whole time before I got chain tensioners, it's just easier and more precise if you use them. Who knows, I might eventually take them off if I don't like them anymore. And it doesn't hurt to have one on both sides, it pulls the axle evenly. And the only reason I have one on each end of my axle is because they came in a set like that. And if you have chain tensioners on both sides then they hold the axle in place and keep the chain tight at the same time without having to tighten the axle nuts or hold the axle in place; this makes it really easy to see if your wheel is centered in the dropouts evenly. And no, you don't need chain tensioners, but I like them and he wanted to know peoples opinions, so I gave him mine.
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