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Originally Posted by TWAHL
you do whatever you can to make your maintenance easier.
He is right, and chain tensioners can help that. (making maintenance easier)

Originally Posted by SXE FBM RIDER
A chain tensioner is a nice thing to have. I havent had one in a few years, but it always made my wheel a whole lot easier to set in place when I was doing things. You don't need them, but the "******" line is just unnecessary.

And this is 100% true also. I agree with you all the way, chain tensioners make setting the wheel in place a heck of a lot easier as well as tightening and loosening the chain. And yes, if you want to remove your wheel you do have to take off the chain tensioners which can be a bit of a hassle, but for how much they help I don't mind having to do that. Besides, how often do you need to take off your wheel? I sure don't have to that often.
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