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Originally Posted by fastev View Post
I am collecting parts for a 29'er mtb build. The dropouts I am thinking about using are Paragon's with low-mount disc brake mounts. Now, I know clearance can be an issue, but I know that either of the brakes I plan to use will fit. What I'm wondering though, is what is the advantage/disadvantage to this style of mount? I want to use them strictly because I think they make for a cleaner look of the completed bike, but other than that, is there any reason from a structural standpoint? Thanks!
Structurally, the seatstay mounted brakes (using thicker tubes and/or a brace) work just fine and are in use on thousands of bikes- from an engineering standpoint, it makes more sense to mount the brake on the stronger chainstay. So, strengthwise, it's really a case of "strong enough" vs "stronger than that"...there are a lot of things in framebuilding like that.
So, the good and bad I've experienced with cs mounts:
cleaner look
the best way to have horizontal drops w/discs
the caliper body is better protected in a crash
the brake won't interfere with rack mounts

the downtube brake cable routing is kind of ugly
not all brakes work (like you said)
won't work at all if the rear triangle is too small- check before you put the seatstays on!

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