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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
AH yes an alignment table. that might get me better results. I thought corian might be a bit soft but perhaps some of the fake granites might be a comprimise between something usable, not too heavy, and affordable.

maybe a hightop or barheight cocktail table may be a better idea hmmmm
I have a Bringheli C-channel "alignment table" it seems entirely adequate for the purpose so far and shipping it did not break the budget as a "real" table would have. If I could have afforded to get a real table shipped that would have been preferable as they are a little easier to work with in my limited experience.

It been suggested by people with far more experience than my self that a 2'X3' table is really about as small as can be reasonably used in true table form. B grade granite at this size is not so heavy as to be unmovable with a few friends and a twelve pack and is not that expensive.
In my opinion something about 3' by 4' at the proper height would be optimum, as it is possible to go larger and have issues there, just as going to small causes issues.

BB posts are available several places online, and seem to fall in the $300 +/- range. I'll add Doug Fattic and Alex Meade to the list of those that can supply posts and know that there are more out there I'm forgetting.

What are you looking to spend? Affordable has different meanings to different people.
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